Meme Making Contest – Are YOU Worthy Enough? #PWMemeWeek


Remember that sneaky little quip I hid not so secretly into a 366 talking tip post a couple of weeks back? well the time has come and we sure hope you’ve been getting your meme game up.

Starting tomorrow, and every month for the rest of time, we will be holding a month long contest were you will be able to submit your best rare disease related memes by using this link.


We can’t just let you crazies loose and turn this into a wild-wild west movie (sorry Will)

  1. Your image dimensions must be 600 x 600.

  2. Let’s keep the content PG (keepin’ it clean for the kiddies) – your meme can be inspirational, informative or funny.

  3. Your image can’t contain any watermarks (your own or someone else’s.. we are Photoshop wizards so no funny business).

  4. You agree that whatever images you submit are your own. If you’ve sourced the image from another site, please ensure that the image is free of any copyright restrictions.

  5. You agree that the quotes you submit are your own. If they are not, then we kindly ask that you do not plagiarize content. If you are using someone else’s quote, please provide the source for the quote (YES… We are your 5th grade teacher).

  6. Please submit no more than three (3) images per month per user.

  7. By submitting your images you agree to our terms of use and privacy policy.

It is our responsibility to make sure that the materials we publish on the Patient Worthy® site do not infringe on copyrights or otherwise expose Patient Worthy® or our contributors, in this case you, to legal liability for copyright infringement.

The copyright issues relating to the use of memes is murky. However, it is very clear that the rights of a copyright holder apply to memes. Because we publish content on the web, we have to balance the desire to have captivating  and inspiring content with the responsibility to properly manage copyright.

How to Submit

  1. You can submit your memes directly to us by clicking on this link

  2. You can follow us on Twitter and tag us @PatientWorthy and use the hashtag #PWMemeChallenge


yes, there will be some surprises sprinkled around from time to time but we can’t quite share that yet. What fun would contests be if there wasn’t anything to look forward to or a mystery box to keep you on your feet? So here are a few things you’ll be getting upfront

  1. If you have a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook or Twitter page, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, MySpace or whatever your favorite way to conquer the interwebs is we will promote it the day we announce the winner.

  2. Your meme will be featured on the Patient Worthy® home page, on our Instagram, Twitter AND Facebook.

  3. MYSTERY BOX ACTION —- on any given month there may or may not be a Mystery Box prize. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Criteria to up your chances of winning

I can see the wheels turning in your brain, but hold up! there are a few other considerations to pay attention to:

  1. Does the meme follow the contest rules?

  2. Is the meme belly laugh funny? does the meme do a good job of informing users? does it makes us think differently about a rare disease?

  3. Is the meme relevant to the community?

  4. Is the meme following a Twitter trend of some kind?

  5. Does the meme fit well with Patient Worthy’s® mission and identity?

  6. Did you follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #PWMemechallenge?

With all of that being said, go nuts and show us what you got!

Click here to submit your content now!

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