Meme Making Contest – WE HAVE A WINNER #PWMemeChallenge

Ladies and Gentlemen, the wait is now over! Patient Worthy has found its first #PWMemeChallenge winner!

that moment you realize you should have participated but then you see the quality work that was submitted and are just left like…..

Our very first winner is no other than, the one and only:

Laurie1Ms. Laurie Lelacheur, a bronze level Patient Worthy contributorPW_ContributorBadge_150x150_BRONZE


Laurie is living with POTS, Hypovolemia, Neurocardiogenic Syncope (NCS) and Orthostatic Hypotension (OH). She is very involved in the Dysautonomia community through The Dysautonomia Project, Standing Up to POTS, the Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation and the Dysautonomia Support Network, to name a few! Check out her strong, well-articulated articles on Patient Worthy and like her page, Face of Dysautonomia on Facebook!





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