Patient Worthy Succeeds 1000 Post Milestone

Patient Worthy Succeeds 1000 Post Milestone and We Couldn’t Have Done it Without You!

Yes that feature image is of cupcakes- funfetti cupcakes to be exact. Baked with love by our Content Curation Manager Rebekah to celebrate!

2015 InnovatorOn June 22, 2015 Patient Worthy was launched to help bridge the gap between the rare disease community, and relevant information and news. Before our one year birthday, we were named one of PM360’s 2015 Innovators and won Gold for Consumer Website. On Friday, PW Published its one thousandth post!

“Excellent website for those with #RareDisease” #Rare #Gastroparesis #iiwk15 #InvisibleFight @PatientWorthy –Melissa VanHouten (@melissaarvh)

If we are not learning to live with a chronic illness or rare disease ourselves, we are loving or working with someone who is.

Since inception, our mission has been to find, create, share and promote content worthy of patients. Through education, awareness and a touch of humor, we aim to help people live with their chronic conditions and not just through them.

“Absolutely love this!–> ‘Model with #AnkylosingSpondylitis the Real Barbie’” –Kristin M. Coppens (@KristinMCoppens) Move Over Barbie. This is the Model Little Girls Should Idolize

To date we have had over 50 patients reach out to share their experience and journeys with us. We would not have grown as quickly as we have if it wasn’t for all of you! So Cowabunga team Patient Worthy!

Team work is so AWESOME! Source:

PC 2015 GOLDClick here to Meet Our Contributors if you aren’t already following them across social and seeing their featured Patient Worthy posts here!

“This is amazing!!!!!!!!! Thank you so so much for getting my story out there!” –Candace Sapp, regarding Patient Worthy article This Mom’s Video Could Make CVID Awareness Go Viral


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PW_WebAd_371x110_v2Together, we root for new treatment options, support spreading awareness, encourage conversation, and share patient worthy information and experiences.

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