We’ve recently added some new features to the Patient Worthy website to better suit our users’ needs! Our FAQ page is here to answer any questions you may have.

How do I contribute directly through the website?

You must first create a log-in. Then, you should have a first and last name, and an author bio in your profile to contribute through the website. Your name and bio will accompany your article to ensure your article byline is attributed to you! Please check to see if those are filled in, and if you are still having problems, contact [email protected].

If I create a log-in, will any of my information be public on the Patient Worthy website?

When you register to join PW, your first and last name and user bio will only appear publicly if you choose to contribute a piece. It will appear in the author bio below your article. Additionally, if you choose to include a photo and social media properties in you profile, those will also show up in your author bio below your article. However, you do not need a photo and social media properties connection to submit content. Your contact information will never be made public unless you have chosen to include it within your bio.

How can I subscribe to diseases and conditions for a customized homepage experience?

Start by registering here.

You will then be prompted to type in the diseases or conditions you care most about. The space will autofill the disease it thinks you are typing, and once you see the condition you’re looking for, you can click on it from the autofill dropdown. If you have trouble finding the condition, make sure you are using its unabbreviated name or, if you are interested in a subtype, search the umbrella condition. If you still do not see your disease, please send us an email so that we can assist you or add the condition to the content we cover (see: What diseases do we accept for submissions).

When you have typed in all of the conditions you want to subscribe to, click “Go to Homepage” or “Edit Profile”. The diseases or conditions you type in will be saved, and your homepage will now prioritize stories about those conditions, as long as you are logged in.

If you would like to subscribe to more conditions, you can do so by adding them within your profile or you can surf our list of over 400 rare diseases and click on the condition you wish to subscribe to. Then, just click «Follow» next to the rare condition’s name.

What diseases do we accept for submissions?

While we focus on rare diseases, we also serve underdiagnosed and neglected diseases and conditions. Your experiences may be something many rare patients can relate to, even if it is not officially “rare”. Don’t be deterred if your condition isn’t on our list, we’re always adding more! E-mail [email protected] to request an addition to our disease state list. Let us know if you would like your personal experience to be our first story under the new category. We accept articles not only from patients, but from anyone in the rare community be they care partners, family members, advocates, researchers, healthcare specialists and more.

What sort of material/structure would fit your platform?

We publish almost anything you’d like to write about. We want to publish the realities of rare disease, without censorship. Your article could be inspirational, but it doesn’t have to stay positive. It can be humorous, informative, or involve raw descriptions about the struggles of chronic illness or other people’s reactions to it. We will even feature forms of art like poetry, that help you to express your rare experiences.

How can I be featured on the contributors’ page?

Please contact us here if you want to be considered for the regular contributor page.

What should I include in my author bio?

Your author bio should speak to who you are, in approximately 200-250 words. While that may be tough, think of it like answering the question “Who are you?” if someone were to ask you in an elevator. What are the parts of you that make you, you?