Patient Worthy Content Submission Guidelines

Thank you for showing interest in being featured on Patient Worthy! At Patient Worthy, one of our goals is to publish the realities of rare disease. Your voice is an integral part of achieving that goal, so we invite you to share your rare disease by creating a login and profile, and submitting through the website. To take a look at that process, click here.

Your article(s) can be about anything you’ve experienced as a member of the rare community, whether you’re a patient, advocate, care partner, parent, friend, healthcare specialist, or more. From sharing something as simple as a favorite recipe or exercise, to major life-changing decisions and challenges, we support spreading awareness about living with and battling rare disease.

Or if you prefer, you can use one of our prompts to light that spark of creativity.

We review all posts before publishing; however, we want your authentic voice and descriptions to be unaltered by us. If we recommend changing anything outside of grammar, typos, misspellings, headings, or extreme profanity, we will email you with our suggested edits, for your approval before we publish. Please review our submission guidelines below before you write and if you have any questions, reservations, or need help with editing your article, reach out to our contributor manager Rebekah at [email protected].

Submission guidelines include:

Respect: Your story is your truth; try not to speak for anyone else’s feelings when you write, because they might not agree!

Privacy: Remember to respect private details regarding friends and families, and those you talk about in your story or ask their permission before going in depth.

Profanity: Try not to use it in excess; while we want to be opinionated and support all things snarky, we don’t want to discourage our audience from reading your story because it’s filled with f-bombs.

Comparisons: Try not to claim that others’ situations are worse or better than yours.

Claims: If you make a factual or statistical claim, we suggest including the link to the source in your article.

Word Length: Your article can be as long as you want, but contributions are typically 300-800 words, or split into multiple pieces if they are more than 1500 words.

Other things to note:

Editing: We do edit for grammar, typos, misspellings, and profanity. We also conduct formatting edits so break up text (for example, we may use block quotes which is bold and blue, compared to our usual black, not bold font).

Social Media: Any article published on our site from contributors is also pushed out via our social media channels, Twitter and Facebook. If you have indicated your social media platforms on your Patient Worthy account, we may tag you when we publish your article!

Publishing: We try to publish within two weeks of submission, though we can’t guarantee any timeframes, as some pieces require more/less editing than others.

Author Bios: Your author bio should speak to who you are, in 200-250 words. While that may be tough, think of it like answering the question “Who are you?” if someone were to ask you in an elevator. What are the parts of you that make you, you?

Submission Frequency: You can submit content whenever you’d like! However, if you’d like to be featured on our contributor list and to be considered as a regular contributor, please contact [email protected]. We understand that life and health should always come first. So ultimately, submission frequency will be whatever ends up working for you.

We are so excited that you’ve found community with Patient Worthy! We support your honesty and candor- we’re always here to help if you have any questions. When in doubt, email [email protected] and thank you for sharing your rare story!