Our mission is to amplify the rare condition voice. One of the ways we achieve that is through collaborations across the community, from patients and caregivers to industry leaders in treatment research and development.

In this vein, Patient Worthy will publish sponsored rare disease content that impacts our community, on behalf of other organizations. We hope these efforts will achieve improved awareness, communication and engagement across the rare disease world.

Sponsored content ranges from promoting events on our events calendar, to publishing, curating or creating content on behalf of an organization. While we may promote events on behalf of an organization, we are not involved in the event planning or hosting, unless otherwise noted.

All sponsored and promotional content must embody our mission of providing relevant, vetted and valuable information to our rare disease audience. Any promotional collaboration will be highlighted in the post, with the name of the sponsoring organization. On social media, a collaboration will be indicated with #Collab.

To learn more about our collaborations, contact [email protected].

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