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At Patient Worthy, one of our goals is to publish the realities of rare disease. Your voice is an integral part of achieving that goal, so we invite you to share your rare disease story below.

Your article(s) can be about anything you’ve experienced as a member of the rare community, from a favorite recipe or exercise, to major life-changing decisions and challenges. Or if you prefer, you can use one of our prompts to light that spark of creativity. If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor, contact

We review all posts before publishing; however, we want your authentic voice and descriptions to be unaltered by us. If we recommend changing anything outside of grammar, typos, misspellings, headings, or extreme profanity, we will email you the tentative new version for your approval, before we publish. Please review our submission guidelines before you write.

Each of our articles use one image in landscape orientation (longer than it is wide) to serve as the featured image. If you have an image or multiple images that you would like us to publish with your article, please upload any picture that you have taken below, choose a copyright-free image from Pixabay, or paste a link to a an image on another copyright-free site at the top of your article. If you do not have an image you would like to use or if we cannot verify the source of the image supplied, we will choose a stock image to act as the featured image.

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