Rob’s Acromegaly Symptoms and Surgery

Part of the symptoms, when you go back online and you look at some of the classic people that have acromegaly, the one that pops immediately is Andre the Giant. And you look at other people and you see the greatly distended chin and you see the big facial features that come out on the forehead.

I had noticed over the past couple of years that my under bite had gone to an overbite on my chin, that has receded my bite is now a little bit of an under bite. And I had no idea what had caused it, I didn’t know. I mean, you know, my lower jaw is now out past my upper jaw. And when you get a headache, you tend to come up here and you rub your head, and you rub your head, and you’re like That doesn’t feel like it’s felt for the past 50 years of my life all of a sudden. It feels like the ridges up here are coming out a little bit more, what’s going on with this?”

And you mention my fingers, my fingers had been swelling up and my wedding ring here, I had not been able to get my wedding ring on for about the last eight years and three weeks after my surgery I was feeling my hands and I told my wife, “My fingers feel like they’ve shrunk, they’ve gone back in size.” So I went and got it out of the jewelry box and for the first time in eight years I was able to put my ring on. That gave my wife and I both a pretty good cry.

Within about a week and a half to two weeks, I noticed that the joint pain was gone. Again I mentioned I noticed that it seemed that the overbite on my chin had receded a little bit. It took about a month and a half and I don’t know if it’s psychological or whatever, but it seems that the peaks on the cranial right here don’t seem to be sticking out like they were.

In general I feel better, I don’t feel as bad as I have in the past, life just seems to be better

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