“Little People, Big World” Star Zach Roloff and His Experience with Achondroplasia

Achondroplasia is one of those illnesses that you can’t hide.

And everyone is going to have a different responses to it. Some ignore it, some will ask questions, and others will inevitably poke fun, as unfortunate as that is.

According to People Mag, Zach Roloff, star of Little People, Big World, says his childhood was full of unpleasant confrontations. Name-calling was a part of life.

But despite all of the challenges, he says he’s grateful for his experiences.

You see, now he has a son with achondroplasia.

Zach knows that eventually his son will face the same challenges he did growing up. While he says he believes the world has grown nicer since his own childhood, there will always be people out there who are simply insensitive. Zach finds in comfort in the knowledge that his son will have his father, who suffers with the same condition, from whom to receive guidance.

Zach says he’s going to make sure his son knows to never use his illness as an excuse. Nothing is accomplished without some passion and determination. Although his son’s achondroplasia diagnosis may make some things more difficult for him and provide him challenges that other people do not face, Zach wants to assure him that anything is possible.

With his dad as a role model for what it means to work extra hard to accomplish your dreams, one can bet his son will have his same determination.

They may have an illness, but this family certainly isn’t letting it define their life.

Zach’s attitude and journey is impressive and inspiring. Read more about the Roloff family here!

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