Why You Should Support This UK Fundraiser for Boy with Microcephaly

In a small UK Village, locals will be congregating at a popular pub to raise money for a disabled and epileptic boy whose family cannot afford his medical gear.
Microcephaly is the name of the disease, most commonly known for being thrust into the spotlight after last year’s Zika outbreak. Zika threatened to effect newborns with microcephaly during early pregnancy. To learn more about microcephaly, click here.

Three-year-old Corey Fox has been struggling with this birth defect for over a year. As a result, his head and brain are both smaller than average. To make matters worse, Corey also has epilepsy and struggles through over 20 seizures in one day.

Corey’s parents sensed trouble after noticing that he was falling behind on walking and talking as a child. They were informed that Corey suffers from Global Development Delay and that he would develop at a decreased rate than normal.

Corey can’t walk or talk and always needs special attention and care, including the special equipment that will allow him to sit comfortably. Hence, the fundraiser and gofundme campaign that’s currently live online.

The special event will be held on October 14th at a cozy pub, the Gryffe Inn. This establishment is a traditional favorite among locals and the perfect spot for comradeship and local fundraising over a pint of lager.

There has been an outpour of love and support from the community in a level that Corey’s family did not expect. They were even blessed with the opportunity to purchase a very expensive car seat that they originally could not afford. The car seat contains a doodad that allows Corey to be easily swiveled in and out of the car.

Corey’s mom, Sarah Milligan said,

“The response to us organising the event was so overwhelming that the money we needed for the seat has already been raised. That was not meant to happen but it’s amazing and there is a lot of stuff which could improve his quality of life that we can raise money for at the event.

To support Corey and his family, you can visit the website here.

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