Osteosarcoma Research Kicked Off with Grant

Some doctors make it their life’s work to study one disease. Maybe they’ve been affected or know somebody affected by it, making it a personal endeavor.

Dr. Tsz-Kwong (Chris) Man has dedicated his career to honing in on methylome in chemo-resistant osteosarcoma.

This is a type of cancer that grows in the bones during growth spurts with teens, more prominent in boys than girls. To learn more about osteosarcoma, click here.

Dr. Man works at the Baylor College of Medicine and they have just been awarded a Rally for Research Grant from the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. This grant of $50,000 will allow Dr. Man to enhance his research.

“This support from Rally is tremendously important to advancing understudied childhood bone cancer, and I am honored to be selected as a grantee,” said Man. “The grant will help advance our understanding of osteosarcoma in children, and identify a novel treatment for the cancer that is resistant to conventional chemotherapy.”

These grants aren’t just handed off like candy. Cases go through a meticulous review process with focus groups that decide which areas of study need the most research. Rally’s Medical Advisory Board is top notch and features the A Team in childhood cancer experts in the U.S. and Canada.

Each grant is made in the memory of a Rally child who has suffered or is currently suffering from cancer. Over $25 miilion dollars has been awarded to research projects from Rally’s organization ever since their inception in 2005.

With this donation, Dr. Man can build facilities and purchase equipment necessary for investigating osteosarcoma. Here’s hoping he could find a cure.

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