Grieving Mother Pays Tribute to Rare Disease Son

After the long hard fight against Sturge-Weber syndrome, 23-year-old Craig Morrison could fight no longer. He passed last Monday following complications with his rare disease.

Sturge-Weber syndrome springs at birth and is usually characterized by a number of facial abnormalities including a port-wine-colored birthmark along with other neurological issues. These birthmarks are caused by abnormal blood vessels on the surface of the brain and can lead to epileptic seizures. Craig dealt with these seizures on a daily basis

To learn more about Sturge-Weber syndrome, click here.

Craig’s mother, Lynn, has paid homage to her a son whom she dubbed “a true champion of the town,” with a loving tribute. Lynn spearheads the EK Hangout Club, a social union for young adults suffering with disabilities and learning difficulties and Craig was among its popular and loved members.

The disease caused a lot of problems in Craig’s everyday life but he was a happy guy who relished in the opportunity to hang out with others like him. He also took part in fundraising and leaving a mark in the world by helping those in need.

Lynn went above and beyond to improve the quality of her son’s life by creating a fun-filled social life for him and with The EK Hangout Club, he got just that. She is one of four mother’s in the community whose children have special needs. She’s among the “Maw’s Mafia,” their nickname created by the community. They were recognized nationally for bettering the lives of disabled people in East Kilbride, Scotland.

“Craig had a huge personality and kept us on our toes,” said Lynn. “Craig played a huge part in suggestions for The EK Hangout which included every year having EK Hangout’s Got Talent which is now a huge success among numerous events we have had.

Craig also contributed toward the Club by creating a fundraiser called “Bambino’s Big Bash,” which was a car treasure hunt that helped raise over £2000.

To continue the spirit of fundraising for a good cause, the club has created a fundraising page called ‘Craig’s legacy lives on’ that will help raise money for the club and other charities.

Club founder Elma Ross, said:

“We cannot express the sadness we all feel about our special ‘Bambino’ Craig. Craig always loved helping people and raising funds for other charities so we will be keeping this going in honor of him, a true champion of the town.”

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