Monster March to Scare Off Childhood Cancer

On October 22nd, the streets of Oakville, Ontario were sprawling with little monsters, marching out in support of their fellow Liam Cuttle and to raise awareness for Neuroblastoma.

This rare cancer forms out of immature nerve cells in nerve tissue. Usually it affects children who are five years or younger. In the case of Liam, he’s been battling the disease since he was just three back in 2014.

Since then, the supportive community rallying behind Liam have thrown an annual Halloween Monster March in Downtown Oakville. His supporters call themselves “Liam’s Brigade.”

Children and their families dress up in their Halloween costumes, take on the identity of “monsters” and parade the streets in support of neuroblastoma research and treatment. They’ve already raised over $100,000 with the SickKids Foundtaion. This year, they set an ambitious goal of raising $50,000.

Back when Liam was diagnosed, the doctors had given him a 50 percent chance of living but today, he is in healthy remission and couldn’t be happier. He will be turning seven on October 26th and Liam’s parents are overjoyed that he has reached this point in his life, something they never thought would happen. In an interview with The Oakville Beaver, his mother said,

“He has so much energy,” said Heather, Liam’s mom. “He’s playing hockey, baseball. He’s doing gymnastics lessons, swimming lessons. If he’s not at school, he is out in our driveway playing hockey constantly.”

During the long road of treatment, Liam kept his spirits joyful and dressed up like a firefighter every day. Liam is excited to dress up again for this year’s Monster March.

Though Heather is thankful to have her son alive and well, she recognizes the danger of childhood cancer and knows several other families suffering through it right now. With the money being raised for research, she hopes to help them in whatever way she can.

Heather remembers the memorable Monster March last year and a touching anecdote. One of the balloons with the event’s logo broke free from the event and floated toward the very cemetery where Liam’s grandmother was buried.

“He had a close relationship with his grandmother,” said Heather to the Oakville Beaver “So to him it made sense the balloon would make its way to her.

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