Send Your Holiday Cheer to Cancer Patient

It’s been on ongoing cancerous battle for nine-year-old Jacob Thompson. Ever since he was 5, he’s been dueling his rare neuroblastoma. And after the treatment failed, the cancer has spread to his head and hip.

Now, Jacob’s family fears that their son, a Christmas enthusiast, won’t make it to his favorite holiday. For that, the Thompson family will make his dream come true by celebrating Christmas next weekend.

They are bringing the festive holiday into his hospital room, by adorning it with a Christmas tree, lights and fake snow. Santa Claus will also pay a visit with goodies to enhance the Christmas spirit.

Jacob’s mother, Michelle Thompson Simard, said that Jacob stands by his own motto: “Live like a penguin.” This phrase that he coined means to be friendly, stand by each other, go an extra mile, jump into life and be cool.

“Jacob loves the holiday season and we want him to know that Christmas wishes come true and that there are good people who care all around the world,” Michelle said in an interview with International Business Times.

Neuroblastoma is a rare form of cancer that begins to brew in early forms of nerve cells, beginning at the adrenal glands and nerve tissues in the neck, chest, abdomen, or spine. It usually affects children who are fives years or younger.

To learn more about neuroblastoma, click here.

Jacob’s family got the horrible news about his cancer on October 11th after he was admitted into the hospital. His cancer had rapidly spread across his sinuses, bottom of the skull, several spots in the small bones of the inner ear and several spots on the membrane between the skull and brain.

The rate of the spread is so severe that they are expected to lose Jacob within the month. The family is already making the arrangements, which is why they are trying to make this Christmas extra special.

The story was picked up by local news in Maine, alone with The Miami Herald newspaper, and several TV stations across the country. Even CNN’s Jake Tapper spread the word about where to send Jacob a Christmas card.

Over $43,000 have been raised to cover medical bills and funeral arrangements through GoFundMe.

To send a Christmas card to Jacob, the information is:

Jacob Thompson

C/O Maine Medical Center

22 Bramhall Street

Portland, ME 04102

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