Study of LJPC-401 Treatment for Hereditary Hemochromatosis Launches into Phase II

Hereditary hemochromatosis is a genetic form of a condition in which the body builds up too much iron. To read more about hemochromatosis, click here.

La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company has been studying how to treat it. They recently announced a Phase II study of LJPC-401 (synthetic human hepcidin) as a potential treatment, which will examine whether this is a safe and effective option. The study will be double blind, placebo controlled, and examine 60 patients across multiple centers. The Phase I study resulted in promising results, where iron levels altered depending on the dose given.

Check out the clinical trial details here. You can also read the press release about LJPC-401, and its results on patients with hemochromatosis, beta thalessemia, and other blood disorders here.

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