Dedicated Mother Starts Foundation for Daughter

When she was only 16 months, Poppy was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis (NF). After 60 intense rounds of chemotherapy, she has now lost sight in one eye.
NF is a rare genetic disorder that attacks the nervous system and affects how nerve cells grow. It then results in tumors that form over healthy tissue. In Poppy’s case, she grew a tumor behind her right eye, which made her lose her eye sight. The tumor is located directly on her left temporal lobe which tampers with memory, speech and non-verbal communication. To learn more about NF, click here.

Poppy’s mother, Elle, is trying to raise money for US treatment before the tumor gets worse. She found a top neurosurgeon in the US who was a perfect fit for Poppy’s unique case. She released a video online that shows Poppy crying in pain, along with a montage of happy moments before the disease. Elle needs £300,000 to cover travel, accommodations and surgery for the tumor removal.

Dr. Alan R Cohen is based out of John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland and this is where Elle is setting her sights on. The UK doesn’t offer treatments that aren’t dangerously toxic, especially after they she was offered two drugs that are made for adults.

Elle got the sense that there was something wrong with Poppy when she was heavier than normal. An MRI scan then revealed how serious Poppy’s condition was. She was referred to a cancer specialist and then underwent 58 brutal rounds of chemo within ten different hospitals.

Elle spoke of her experiences with The Sun:

“Walking into the Royal Marsden was gobsmacking. We didn’t understand the extent of Poppy’s diagnosis at that point. We saw children with no hair and tubes attached to them. I thought ‘is this what Poppy has ahead of her’?”

Elle has dedicated her entire life and career to her daughter and has launched a JustGiving campaign aimed at raising money to save her daughter. If you would like to visit the site and contribute, click here.

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