Reporter Fundraises For Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Research

Adam Murphy, a reporter for CBS46 learned of his mother’s diagnosis of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, PSP, in 2010 and decided to use his reporter platform to help her, originally reported by CBS 46. Instead of wallowing from the news, he stepped up to the challenge with a mission to not only help raise funds to hopefully find a treatment or even a cure for his mother, but for everyone else suffering from the disease as well.
It was devastating for Adam to watch his mother slowly losing all functionality as the disease took its toll. Over time, she could no longer walk, talk or even swallow. Eventually her balance became skewed as well. Yet, through all the difficulty, Adam wanted to make it a point that his mother never complained and was a true soldier through it all.

Using his job’s platform to garner lots of awareness, Adam created a program called Miracle for Mom, a charity campaign to fund research for PSP and quickly raised tens of thousands of dollars. It was amazing to see the quick growth, especially because come 2014 when it was really taking off, his mother passed away. While it was difficult, Adam knew he showed how much he cared to his mother and she was able to see some of the fruit of his efforts to help.

His program continued to progress over time, gaining lots of attention and receiving 501(c)(3) status. Just this last week, Adam and his board members happily presented Emory Brain Health Center, the center that diagnosed his mother, a check to continue their research for PSP and other diseases like ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The organization wants to use the money fully, diving into the physiology so they can have a better understanding and go about treatment development a smarter way.

While Adam wishes his mother were still here today, he has no doubt in his mind that his mother is looking down on him proud of all he’s accomplished in her honor.

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