UK Mother Loses Two Children to Rare Disease, Fights for Third

Mary O’Callaghan has experienced more loss in the past decade than anyone should have to face in multiple lifetimes. Originally reported by the Telegraph & Argus UK, Mary lost both her 11-month-old son and 19-month old daughter to a rare genetic disease called Microvillus inclusion disease (MVID), or Davidson’s disease. Not only were those losses absolutely devastating, her 3-month-old daughter, Bonnie-Rose, was just diagnosed with the same disease and it might lead to the same outcome of her other children.

Microvillus inclusion disease is linked to a mutated gene that prevents cells from digesting nutrients. This causes fluids and salts to make their way into the gu,t causing damage. Bonnie-Rose cannot eat normally because of the disease and has faced many difficult and painful symptoms. She fought away meningitis and septicemia, and continues to face other issues daily.

Since Bonnie was born, Mary supports her at the hospital regulary, though she has six other children at home. Mary can’t wait to come home and believes that it will be better for Bonnie to be with her family. This rare disease mother knows it’s essential that Bonnie spends quality time with the people who love her, and experiences as full a life as possible. Meanwhile, Mary is also continuing to look for treatment options to find the next best step for Bonnie.

Precious-Marie, Mary’s daughter who passed away, received an organ transplant before, but now she wants to look at other options, since it wasn’t successful for Previous-Marie.
Because there aren’t many options out there, Mary is now focusing on fundraising to help provide Bonnie-Rose with the best and most comfortable care, as well raising money to support future research for the disease. They have put together an event at Holme Wood to support on February 24th. Families and residents will be able to participate in a walk to raise money.
If you would like to donate to help Bonnie-Rose, click here.

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