The Traveling CVS Warriors Will Warm Your Heart

In 2017, a group called “Traveling CVS Warrior” was created on Facebook. This is a group I created that sends a stuffed animal aka a Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) Warrior to anyone who wants to take part. Participants are also sent a scrapbook with stickers, rubber stamps, some pens, and other art supplies. Each person involved will have one page (front and back) that they can decorate in any way they would like. The person with the Warrior at the time can take their Warrior to various places, taking pictures of the Warrior on adventures or just hanging out at home. The pictures can then be added to the albums on the Facebook page.

There are a total of four Warriors to choose from. Each person may request which one(s) they would prefer. The Choices are “Sir Emesis, The Spartan Warrior”, “Elly the Emesis Elephant”, “Hannah the Healing Hippo,” and “Walter My Warrior Walrus.” All of the warriors can be requested as many turns as the person would like.

I was sitting one day– sick, as I am a sufferer also– and read a post on a CVS support page. I came across a post about a young sufferer that had a birthday coming up and had zero friends coming because she was sick a lot.  This broke my heart. It’s one thing to deal with this horrible illness as an adult, but I could not imagine facing it as a teenager or smaller child.

I watched that post and how fellow warriors rallied around to support her.

They asked for her address to send a card, and some were sending gifts also. I got this information immediately and sent a care package. I then thought about how many kids there were out there in similar situations, and my idea came to light.

I wanted to do something that could show those adults and children who suffer that they are not alone in this battle.

I created Traveling CVS Warriors. I used polls where members voted to decide on animals, names, etc. This group is now at roughly 160 members and four of the warriors are out in the world. We have one in Arkansas, one in Tennessee and one in Australia at this time. Each person gets two weeks to one month to have adventures or have these warriors watch over you when you are sick.  

They have already been on so many adventures. Walter celebrated a birthday and loves to read. Sir Spartan is with a child sufferer helping him get through the day and Ellie has been skydiving and on a bush walk. Hannah is in Minnesota. There are already sign ups and we have them going through the United States, Australia, Austria, the UK , Scotland, and Canada so far.

This project has gone far beyond my expectations, and I am extremely happy to be able to bring smiles to those who suffer and to our caregivers who watch the suffering. 

Those who are interested do not have to participate in the actual mailings are more than welcome to join Traveling CVS Warrior to follow along with the adventures just through Facebook.

My hope is to bring more awareness to Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and show all of those who suffer that we are not alone! Thank you all for your support!

About the Author: Misty Nelson, from Fairbanks, Alaska, is the founder of the “Traveling CVS Warriors” Facebook group. The group sends four different stuffed Warriors to CVS patients across the country. Recipients are then encouraged to post pictures with the Warriors to share with other members of the group. Her efforts have helped establish a new CVS patient community that helps remind patients that they are not alone in their challenges.


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