The Design Company That Creates Custom Fashion for People With Disabilities


Open Style Lab is an organization that considers itself dedicated to creating “functional wearable solutions for people of all abilities without compromising on style.” They use a wide variety of people to create their wearable designs including designers, engineers, and occupational therapists. Their clothes is not only stylish and fashionable but is specially made to accommodate people with disabilities.  Their mission is “for all people to have access to style, regardless of cognitive and physical ability.”

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The Open Style Lab has a ten-week summer program where fellows from different disciplines come to create clothing that is stylish and fashionable for anyone and everyone to wear.

Most of the different clothing articles were inspired by friends and family members of the designers. Here are three new designs from the company:

The jacket for breast cancer survivors:

This stylish jacket was created after the friend of the executive director of Open Style Lab who is a breast cancer survivor. This friend had trouble trying to find clothing due to her surgical mastectomies. This special jacket does not just sport a unique and custom style; this jacket also has electrical circuits in it that records the range of motion of the wearer. This data can be viewed by the wearer’s doctors and/or occupational or physical therapists.


This garment was made by Grace from the Open Style Lab and has been used by a student in high school who has muscular dystrophy. This jacket has several uses including providing comfort while also being able to track range for its wearer.

The “Suitable”

This piece was made for a young man named Jim. Jim suffered an injury to his spinal cord and now has sensory and motor impairments, leading to trouble with mobility as well as temperature changes. The adaptive sport coat that was made for him has frontal flaps and that allow for improved ventilation.

The Open Style Lab is excited to continue making functional stylish pieces for people of all abilities and strives for an inclusive and considerate future.

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