Cannabinoid Pharmaceuticals for Tourette Syndrome and Other Diseases are Making Continued Progress

Therapix Biosciences specializes in cannabinoid pharmaceuticals. Currently, they are working on developing a therapy called tetrahydrocannabinol or THX-110 as a treatment for Tourette syndrome (TS). Additionally, it is being developed for various forms of pain and obstructive sleep apnea or OSA.

Additionally, THX-160 is being evaluated as a therapy for pain, and CBD and PEA are being developed for epilepsy and inflammatory diseases.

Their most recent development is RESPECTRUM for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It’s development is based on the “entourage effect.”


This therapy is officially in clinical stage and a clinical trial will soon be initiated to evaluate its safety, tolerability, and efficacy for ASD. The study will be randomized and placebo controlled.

RESPECTRUM will be directly compared to CBD-rich oil in this trial. The research team believes that compared to CBD alone this therapy will have improved safety and efficacy for this patient population. The treatment actually includes non-psychoactive CBD as well as their PEA formulation.

In October, positive pre-clinical program results were announced for the therapy, making this trial possible.

Researchers expect this trial to be completed by the end of next year. It will likely include patients who are age 5 to 35. It will be led by Doctor Orit Stolar who is a pediatric neurologist working at the Shamir Medical Center in Israel.

A goal for Therapix is to be the first company with an approved botanical based product for a specific medical condition. But most importantly, they hope to serve patient populations with a current unmet need and improve their quality of life by extending treatment options.

You can read more about this new product and its potential indications here.

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