This Muscular Dystrophy Patient has Spent Her Life Working to Improve the Lives of Others

Jalee Pelissier lives with muscular dystrophy. When she was just 13 she became an advocate for others with disorders or disabilities like her own. Now 20, her advocacy has only grown.

Her Accomplishments

Jalee has raised more than 20,000 dollars for Muscular Dystrophy Canada, which is the first organization she found when looking for support in her community. She is now an ambassador for the organization. She will be participating in their upcoming webinars to share her story and experiences with others.

She explains how much she loves to inspire others by sharing with them the power of believing you can do anything. This inspiration comes in mental, emotional, and physical forms. She says that her illness may mean she has to do things differently, but it certainly doesn’t mean she can’t do them.

Jalee also encourages others to share their story, because by doing so, you are also educating others. She herself has met incredible, life-long friends just by doing so.

She’s also been named an honorary firefighter for her efforts in her hometown. This, she notes, is her proudest accomplishment. This distinction came after she gave three presentations at the station, whose charity is Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

Jalee also serves as a spokesperson for an organization called the Sunshine Foundation. This group works to “make dreams come true” for children who are living with severe conditions.

She has won numerous awards including the-

  • Craig Noel Independence Award
  • Sally Spence Award
  • Young Woman of Distinction Award

The Barriers  

Jalee wasn’t always a confident public speaker. But when you are speaking about what you are passionate about, the words come easier and the confidence grows.

Her dream is to spread her public speaking and advocacy efforts across the country.

She dreams of a world where there are no barriers for those with neuromuscular conditions. Inclusion is the norm.

You can read more about Jalee’s story here.

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