Positive Results for an Investigative Therapy for Uveitic Glaucoma

Tarsius Pharmaceuticals has just announced positive results for their recent trial for uveitic glaucoma. This trial was called GADOT 20/20 and it was investigating a therapy called TRSo1.

Ocular Diseases

Ocular inflammatory conditions can cause reduced vision and in severe cases, blindness. Most commonly, corticosteroids are used as a therapy for conditions like uveitic glaucoma.

Unfortunately, steroids do not treat the root of the disease. Instead, they help to relieve the symptoms of patients. Further, when patients are forced to use these therapies long-term, it can have detrimental consequences to the body.

GADOT 20/20

This trial was a phase 1/2 investigation aimed to evaluate both the safety and efficacy of this therapy. The therapy is a topical anti-inflammatory agent.  The trial was randomized and double-masked. It was also dose-ranging, comparing two different dose amounts.

A total of 16 participants were included in this trial. All participants were diagnosed with active non-infectious anterior uveitis.


The team of researchers found that the high dosage of the therapy produced better outcomes for patients on many measures. Patients experienced improvement in their symptoms and various signs of disease. Outcomes included:

  • Improved Anterior Chamber Cells (ACC)
  • Reduced pain
  • Increase in visual acuity
  • Reduced Intraocular Pressure  (IOP)

These results are noteworthy because it shows that a topical solution may be a better option for patients than corticosteroids. Patients had the same outcomes as they would have had taking the steroid, but without any of the side effects from that therapy.

Currently, uvetic glaucoma has no approved FDA therapy. This could be life changing for patients.

The research team is continuing to investigate this therapy for a wide array  of other inflammatory and autoimmune ocular diseases.   

You can read more about this newly emerging therapy here.

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