An Honorary Firefighter and Beloved First Grader is Remembered For His Smile

As reported in the Desmoines Register; At age 7, Mason Sieck was already a part of the tight knit world of firefighters. The youngest in a long line of firefighters, Mason had his own personalized helmet and turnout gear to answer calls.
“When the pager went off, he would have his full set of gear on before I could get my shoes on,” said Curtis Sieck, Mason’s father.
Mason’s battle with Gardner syndrome never impacted his joy for life. “He always had a smile, no matter how much pain he was in,” said Shanna Sieck, his mother. “He loved music and loved his Ponies of America horse and farm playset.”
Since age 2, Mason had been experiencing noncancerous and other cancerous growths throughout his body called desmoid tumors. While the first-graders life was cut short, it was well spent. His community looks back at his enthusiastic spirit.
Gardner Syndrome
 Gardner syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that causes several types of colorectal polyps and tumors, which can be benign or cancerous. This causes patients to be at an increased risk for other cancers, including that of the stomach, pancreas, thyroid, liver, colon, and more. Other symptoms include dental abnormalities, benign bone growths, epidermoid cysts, lipomas, and desmoid tumors. There are treatment options to help reduce the person’s risk of cancer and reduce symptoms, but there is no cure.

The Youngest Member of the Squad

While Mason’s time with his family was limited, it was well spent. He spent time pursuing his passion for photography and the fire squad. When they anointed him an honorary member, he was already dressed up in his gear with his dad, right up in the firetruck.
“I went to take his picture and he hid his face. Curtis said, ‘Mason, don’t you want to see the picture on Facebook’ and Mason gave that big smile on his face,” said Duane McClun, a friend who took photographs for the fire squad.
That would be a classic Mason moment, with many who knew him remembering him for his sunny smile. Duane said. “The thing I will remember most about Mason is his smile and his love for everyone.” His love came through in his personal dedication to God and Jesus, and the worship and music. At age seven, Mason even chose to get baptized, and encouraged his whole family to do the same.
“Mason was very important to me and the firefighters at the station,” Sicard, the Grinnell department’s fire chief, said. “Mason exemplified many of the characteristics of a great firefighter: strength, perseverance, respect, honor and faith were just the beginning of what made him special. But most important was that even with all he was going through, he always had a wonderful smile — his smile and attitude uplifted everyone he came in contact with.”
“His spirit will always be a part of this department,” Sicard said.

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