New Podcast Episode: Hemophilia and Axel’s Story, feat. Patient Advocate Kristina Robinson

Patient Worthy’s award-winning podcast “Wait, How Do You Spell That? A Rare Disease Podcast” is back with a new episode. This week, Colby is sitting down with Kristina Robinson, a patient advocate and mother whose son, Axel, was diagnosed with hemophilia A when he was 10 months old. That’s a rare bleeding disorder, sometimes called “classic hemophilia,” that is characterized by excessive bleeding from cuts, unexplained bruising, joint swelling and more. Since her son was diagnosed, Kristina has been his #1 champion, advocating for hemophilia awareness in her home state and beyond.

Check out the episode below:

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Editor’s Note: Chronic conditions and rare diseases don’t discriminate, Patient Worthy and its partners are interested in amplifying the voices of those from all identities and backgrounds. If you have a journey to share, click here to learn more about how your voice can help spread awareness and inspire individuals from all walks of life.


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