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Abdominal Cystic Lymphangioma

What is Abdominal Cystic Lymphangioma?

Abdominal Cystic Lymphangioma is a very rare, childhood tumor that is benign, which means it is a noncancerous tumor. It begins as an aberration of the lymphatic vesselsΠin the abdomen. These vessels are the transportation system for the fluid, called lymph, that contains white blood cells that fight infection throughout the body.

What are the symptoms of Abdominal Cystic Lymphangioma?

Patients diagnosed with Abdominal Cystic Lymphangioma may have symptoms whose severity and features may be different from patient to patient and may include:
  • Abdominal pain
  • Abdominal distension (an increase in abdominal circumference)
  • An abdominal mass
  • Intestinal obstruction
  • Lymphoedema in the legs (Swelling of the legs)
  • Compression of nearby organs
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Peritonitis

What causes Abdominal Cystic Lymphangioma?

Abdominal Cystic Lymphangioma’s cause is not clearly known, but some attribute it to maternal alcohol use or viral infection during pregnancy. In most cases, there does not seem to be a genetic link and most cases are diagnosed without a direct familial link. The blockage of lymphatic system is the main feature of this disease. As the baby develops the blockage occurs and the symptoms appear after the baby is born.

How is Abdominal Cystic Lymphangioma diagnosed?

An ultrasound is used to diagnose Abdominal Cystic Lymphangioma. Celioscopy and computed tomography are used in more difficult to diagnose cases, many believe that the use of these two diagnostic tools make for a more complete and accurate diagnosis.

What are the treatments for Abdominal Cystic Lymphangioma?

Surgical removal of the Abdominal Cystic Lymphangioma is first-line treatment because of it’s low recurrence rate. Patients with small tumors and no symptoms may only need to have imaging studies done on a specified basis to be on the lookout for disease progression and tumor growth. In a small number of cases, the tumor may resolve itself with no treatment.

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