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Acrogeria- Gottron Type


What is Acrogeria- Gottron Type?

Acrogeria- Gottron Type is a syndrome that is best described as premature aging. It is very rare, the medical literature only describes around 40 diagnosed individuals. Patients with this disorder have fragile, thin skin on their hands and feet, but it may also appear on the forearms, legs and face. Patients with Acrogeria- Gottron Type lose the fatty tissue just under the skin leading to the appearance of abnormal looking skin.

What are the symptoms of Acrogeria- Gottron Type?

  • Fragile, thin skin on the hands and feet
  • Fine hair
  • Abnormally small hands and feet
  • Visible and prominent veins on the chest due to lack of fatty tissue
  • Appear older than their actual age
  • Joint hyperflexibility

What causes Acrogeria- Gottron Type?

Gottron syndrome is thought to be inherited as an autosomal recessive genetic trait. When a disorder is inherited through this process, a defective gene from each parent has contributed to the disorder. The parents each have a defective gene, but do not have the disease. They are carriers and their children will have a 25% chance of having the disease.

How is Acrogeria- Gottron Type diagnosed?

Acrogeria- Gottron Type is diagnosed through a complete physical examination of the patient and an evaluation of the symptoms. A medical history, laboratory tests, imaging tests and biopsies may all also be used in the diagnosis process.

What are the treatments for Acrogeria- Gottron Type?

Since Acrogeria- Gottron Type is a genetic condition, there is no cure. Treatment is based on the type and severity of each patient and is very individualized. Genetic counseling is sometimes helpful.

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