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Madelung Disease

What is Madelung disease?

Madelung disease is a lipid storage disorder that is characterized by fat deposits around the neck and shoulders. These deposits can grow slowly or quickly, but they do not usually impair function and are not malignant. 

Males with a history of alcoholism are most commonly affected, although anybody can be affected. 

What are the symptoms of Madelung disease?

Large, fatty deposits that form symmetrically around the neck and face are the main symptom of this disorder. They can grow slowly over a number of years, or quickly over the course of a few months. They are not usually malignant and do not typically impair function. 

There are other symptoms, such as peripheral neuropathy, hypertension, liver disease, and diabetes mellitus. Not every affected individual experiences all of these symptoms.  

What causes Madelung disease?

Medical professionals are unaware of the cause of this condition, but they do know that the body has problems with metabolizing fat. Some believe that there is a genetic component to Madelung disease as well. 

How is Madelung disease diagnosed?

A physical examination is the first step, where doctors will look at the fat deposits on the neck. They will perform tests, including MRIs, CAT scans, and ultrasounds. 

What are the treatments for Madelung disease?

There are two treatment options for this condition. The first is surgery to remove the growths, and it is the most popular option. The second is liposuction. 

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