Alström Syndrome UK

Alstrӧm Syndrome UK is a patient-led organisation who take pride in offering high quality support services which include access to the AS specialist clinics. During these clinics families and individuals can be seen by medical experts to maintain a good quality of life and receive the most up to date treatments and advice.

Our Vision

  • Every person affected by AS and their families should receive high quality personalised support services
  • Every person affected by AS can access the AS specialist medical clinics
  • ASUK will endeavour to raise awareness of this ultra rare condition, in the hope of enabling early diagnosis
  • ASUK will raise funds to promote research, further our support services and offer opportunities for those affected
  • ASUK will promote research to aid better understanding of this complex condition which may lead to better treatments and hope for the future
  • ASUK will focus on supporting each child and adult to manage the syndrome and live a healthy, active and fulfilled life. It is what you can do that is important!
  • ASUK will promote healthy living and encourage healthy eating and exercise
  • ASUK will encourage families to get involved in fun activities, showing what is possible!

Condition Awareness & Advocacy

Here is a list of conditions this partner raises awareness and advocacy for: 

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