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Balance Conditions are potentially devastating, associated with symptoms of severe spinning vertigo and general balance problems, often coupled with on-going tinnitus and damage to hearing. There are also many other causes of serious balance disorders, that can result in life limiting symptoms.

Medical treatment for these issues is slowly developing, but focuses mainly upon resolving the physical symptoms. There is very little available support at a local and practical level for those suffering sometimes life changing illness and the anxiety and anguish that this causes. We are here to offer support, giving comfort to those who need it most. We focus upon practical ways to help fellow sufferers and we are not a charity or a business, just a group of people facing a common challenge. If you are a suffer, friend or family of a sufferer or feel you can help in any way, please contact us today and join our community support group. Membership has no cost, but your contribution may be priceless to others. Facebook Support group – Please join us.

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