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The Visual Snow Initiative (VSI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to global awareness, education, resources, patient advocacy, treatment development, and research for Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS).

After experiencing the onset of a debilitating neurological disorder called Visual Snow Syndrome, or VSS, Sierra Domb endured marginalization and mistreatment on behalf of the medical community, who knew nothing about her condition. Vowing to find solutions and help others with VSS who faced similar struggles, in 2018, she organized the first Visual Snow Conference and founded the Visual Snow Initiative. Every day since then, our team has worked diligently to facilitate collaborations between physicians and academic institutions, develop solutions alongside researchers, make neuroscience more palatable for everyone regardless of age or health literacy, and help people affected by VSS worldwide.

We strive to make the world a more accessible, educated, inclusive, and accommodating place for people of all ages affected by Visual Snow Syndrome.

VSI funded critical research in 7 different countries that led to the clinical, scientific acceptance of VSS as a distinct, neurological condition (with both visual and non-visual symptoms), discoveries regarding the pathophysiology and biological basis of VSS, as well as the development of treatments for VSS symptoms where none existed. VSI also developed the first Diagnostic Criteria for VSS, created the first Global Directory of VSS Physicians, established newfound awareness for VSS through multimedia content, and created physician-patient resources to improve health literacy, communication, and education regarding VSS.

Our team consists of experienced and passionate VSS experts, physicians, scientists, and researchers from around the world who are dedicated to finding solutions. Their fields of expertise include neurology, neuro-ophthalmology, ophthalmology, optometry neuroscience, neurobiology, and advanced technology.

All donations to the Visual Snow Initiative go directly to Visual Snow Syndrome research.

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