Hands Speak Louder Than Words in Rare Disease Video

Helping hands can do truly amazing things. Eurodis, the champions of Rare Disease Day, displays that in their 2015 Rare Disease Day theme video.


Started with a cause and never looked back.

Rare Disease Day started in 2008 and has grown to be recognized in over 80 countries. The hands logo represents people from all walks of life raising their hands in support of making a difference in over 6,000 recognized rare diseases.


Rare Disease Day
Photo Credit: rarediseaseday.org logo


The video truly needed helping hands to tell such a beautiful story, 34 pair of hands (17 people) to be exact. Among those hands were three brave individuals battling a rare disease themselves,   RitaPietro and Beatrice.

As we wait for the 2016 Rare Disease Day on February 29th, this video reminds us that when we work together we can do truly amazing things.

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