#Officeproblems- You know it’s time to breakup with your uncomfortable office chair when…

If all your office chair does is hurt you, maybe it’s time to break up. 

Sitting for hours can make anyone’s back ache, but for Ankylosing Spondylitis (A.S.) patients making it through a work day in an office chair can be unbearably painful. All office chairs aren’t necessarily created equal, and many don’t provide adequate back support, leaving employees to improvise with cushions and foot rests.

“Dr. Toni Yancey, professor of health services at U.C.L.A., gets work done while riding a recumbent bicycle at home. She also uses a treadmill desk at the office.” Source: NY Times


A recent rise in standing desks could mean a more comfortable work place for those with A.S.  Employees may soon be free of the hassle and discomfort of eight hours in an office chair. The standing desk is a trend that boasts health benefits for all employees and carries the potential for more A.S. friendly workplaces. Upright or adjustable sit/stand work stations are becoming more and more prominent across the country as negative health implications of long term sitting are becoming more and more prominent.


If this trend of increased accessibility continues, the careers of A.S. patients may become a little more comfortable.

As standing desks become more common their price should decrease too, making them a more viable option for personal purchase for home offices. Right now they are available for purchase from a variety of websites ranging from around fifty dollars for the more basic models, to over two thousand.

Coincidentally, the prices for ergonomic office chairs are similar. If you’re doubtful of this movement reaching your current workplace you may wish to speak to your employer to specifically request an accommodation. Click here to find information regarding formulating these requests and your employers legal responsibilities and obligations towards your office comfort.

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