5 #Relatable Comics for Rare Disease Patients

1. Rare diseases tend to come with long, difficult names. For the many people who are unfamiliar with them, they can be a mouthful and you may  have to repeat yourself more than once. “I said ANKY-LOSING SPONDY-LITIS.”

Source: scrubsmag

2. If you have a rare condition chances are the treatment is pricey.

Source: lymediseaseguide Comic by: TJI Sipress


3.  Not only is your medication expensive, there can sometimes be A LOT of it. Or ( lucky you) there is also medicine you take in order to treat the side effects of the first one.

Source: Physiciansweekly


4. You may grow familiar with confused medical practitioners, multiple tests, and way too many needles.

Comic by: David Waisglass and Gordon Coulthart Sourced from: GoComics

5. Overall, rare conditions can make your life a little complicated.


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