She Took Weed for Chronic Pain, Now She’s a Believer

Should marijuana be used for medicinal purposes?

We obviously aren’t the first to ask this question as the nation debates the use of the famous Jamaican herb.

But if ankylosing spondylitis (AS) patients have any room in the chatter, this user on the Spondylitis Association of America’s forum has something to contribute.

Her message is plain and simple; the medicinal properties of taking marijuana for AS have radically improved her life since discovering them.

To this blogger, marijuana has allowed her to feel like she’s no longer “losing” the AS war. It’s even given her optimism about her quality of life for the first time in nearly a decade, even seeing significant changes in her mobility and mental state. And lucky for her, the physical improvements keep on coming.

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A visit to Northern California re-introduced her to cannabis. It’s there that she noticed the pain decreased while she was high, and symptoms were reduced for one to three days afterward. This begged her to ask the question, “What would happen with my AS if I smoked cannabis regularly?” And so it began. Her “experiment,” as she called it, commenced in May 2013, and since then, she’s consumed it one to three times per week.

Overall, she’s seen staggering improvements. She’s even been able to stop taking her prescribed medication for ankylosing spondylitis. But, that’s not to say that she encourages it to be the first option for everyone with AS.

“Would I recommend it for you or anyone? Absolutely not,” she said. “I am not a medical professional, and this anecdote does not count as medical research. And furthermore, I have experienced real side effects. Through most of these I would call good, I cannot say what the experience will be for others.”

However, she would have you look into it. She credits her improvements to a number of things, such as a healthy diet and doctor-prescribed medications. But, if she’s honest, she credits marijuana with making the most positive changes in her life.

With the exception of cannabis, this bloggers system is completely free of any anti-inflammatory or immune suppressant drug, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can read find her by the username, PrimalOcean, and read her full blog and further opinions on the medicinal purposes of marijuana for AS.

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