5 Things Lost with Acromegaly (and How to Improve Those Suckers)

When you’ve got a rare disease, people are bound to give you The Look. You know the one. It says: “Oh, bless your heart; you’ve lost so much.”

And you get it—your disease can suck. You’ve lost things. But what all these people don’t always know is that, sure you’ve lost things, but you’ve also gained things.

Mentally and emotionally, you’ve gained toughness, compassion, and some serious savvy when it comes to your healthcare.

And for those of you with acromegaly, you’ve probably gained a whole lot of useless stuff in your house.

Acromegaly, which is caused by the over-production of growth hormones, results in abnormal growth in hands, feet, and faces. These physical changes mean adults with acromegaly have  to say “good-bye” to beloved possessions when they no longer fit.

Fortunately, treatment options can reduce this growth, but even so, you’re still left with Goldilocks Syndrome: everything is either too small or too big–nothing is just right.

 So what do you do?

Instead of keeping those things in the closet, welcome new memories and fierce new additions to your home!

Re-purpose your past with these 5 DIY designs for the rings, shoes, and gloves you can’t use day-to-day:

1. Make a Friend out of an Old Glove for When Acromegaly Drives You Nuts

Stuffed animal idea for gigantism and acromegaly
Source: http://naindejardin.blogs.marieclaireidees.com



2. Step Away from the Past—Make Your House and Your Future Fly with These Cool Bird Nests out of Boots

Boot house for gigantism and acromegaly



3. Take the Leftover Shoe Boxes and Transform Them into Anything from Art to Toys

Shoebox art for gigantism and acromegaly patients
Source: amazonaws.com



4. Can’t Put a Ring on It? Create a Display to Keep Your Most Treasured Jewelry Safe

Ring holder for people with gigantism and acromegaly
Source: Pinimg.com



5. Or Keep Your Jewelry with You! Continue to Love Your Rings  by Turning Them into Necklaces

necklace art for people with gigantism and acromegaly


May these projects remind you–and anyone out there giving you The Look–that you are beautiful and you’re not losing out on anything.

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