Rare Disease Makes 30-Year-Old Look Like Your Grandpa… Seriously!

Twenty-somethings, how would you feel if you were quickly watching your body age? And what if you looked like an 80-year-old by your thirtieth birthday? Or how about this: What if you couldn’t get into your favorite bar because you no longer looked like your ID picture?

Well, due to the possible excess secretion of growth hormone, there are people who are experiencing just that. Specifically, Yuan Taiping, a man from China.

According to an article from Fox News, Taiping has aged like an elderly person… except he’s only 30.

Taiping first knew something was wrong when his hands and feet began to swell. Then came the wrinkles. And now, it just progresses with every year that passes.

Since he was 21-years-old, Taiping has been aging drastically. He doesn’t identify with a twenty-something at all, except for his full head of hair. And unfortunately, he hasn’t had the relief of a diagnosis—or a reason why this has happened to him.

Medical experts hypothesize that it could very well be acromegaly symptoms.

He will receive further testing to try and confirm. But in the meantime, Taiping pleads with the public for their help, saying, “Please, somebody, help me find the root of my condition and teach me how to cure it.”

But it’s interesting; there are other people in Taiping’s surrounding area that are showing symptoms, including his younger, 25-year-old brother. Even though his brother hasn’t progressed as far along as Taiping has, he’s showing the exact same symptoms that Taiping did at his age. However, the brothers are the first people in their family to show signs of the unusual condition, leaving medical experts even more confused.

When you are prepared to be shocked out of your mind, take a look at Taiping’s before and after pictures on Fox News.

What do you think? Does it sound like a case of acromegaly? Join the conversation in the comment below.

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