Exhibit Puts the Powerful Faces of Rare Disease in the Spotlight

Did you know that there are over 7,000 rare diseases, and 1 in 10 Americans has one?

When you’re part of a small patient population, it’s hard to get noticed. Sometimes, it’s even harder to find funding for research that might lead to a treatment protocol, or even a cure for a particular disease.

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Hey! Pay attention! People with rare diseases need your help!
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The Rare Disease United Foundation (RDUF) is trying to raise awareness for 36 uncommon maladies. And one of the ways they are doing so is by sponsoring an art exhibit called Beyond the Diagnosis.

The exhibit is hosted by Harvard Medical School in the Gordon Hall Transit Gallery through December and it will then move to the National Institutes of Health.

A number of artists donated their time and talent to create portraits of children and adults who suffer from rare diseases in an effort to reduce the stigmas that so many face.

Beyond the Diagnosis is open to the public.  Gordon Hall Transit Gallery, Goldenson Hall, 220 Longwood Ave., Boston, MA through December 15, 2015. Visit hms.haravrd.edu for more information.

 To learn more about this beautiful tribute/fundraiser see the resources below:

To donate to Rare Disease United Foundation, click here.

Kiki Jones

Kiki Jones

Kiki’s family loves to say, “People are like a baking project. At some point, they’re just done and they’re who they’re going to be.” Well, Kiki still has some baking to do, and she learns a lot from her loved ones living with chronic conditions, including mental illness and Behcet’s disease. With a BA in English, she’s using her skills to tell the stories of people like them.

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