How to Hurry Up and Wait on Test Results

Recently I have been fortunate enough to be tested for remission from chronic Lyme disease.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the latest Lyme Antigen Test, it uses Nanotrap® technology to measure Lyme antigens in urine samples. It’s ostensibly much more accurate that the traditional Western Blot test so my physician and I are giving it a shot!

Anyway, what does one do during this time where we feel the need to “hurry up and wait” on lab results? Especially the big lab results? Below are some things I have discovered to help calm my nerves when I am waiting on big results like that, ones that determine my next steps in beginning a new treatment protocol or transitioning back in to “normal” life.

  1. Realize it’s out of your control and be okay with it.


2. If you are physically and financially able, do activities or hobbies that make you happy, often.


3. If you are physically and financially able, travel somewhere with good weather!


4. Meditate and/or pray and focus on gratitude and positive thoughts about the results. Hope for the best!


5. If you can’t travel or do your usual hobbies, find other ways to keep busy and keep your mind off of the test like learning a new craft (cooking, knitting, guitar, painting, etc.).

Eating could be a learned hobby…

6. Know that you cannot speed up the process, but you can follow up with your doctor if they haven’t gotten back to you on said results.


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