Meme Monday: 4 Encouraging Memes to Fuel Your #MondayMotivation

The Webster dictionary defines motivation as, “a force or influence that causes someone to do something.” So that leads us to ask…

What’s the force that causes you to take action!

Is it your family? Your passion to see another day past your diagnosis? Or a doubting doctor that told you there’s no way you can get through this?

Tell us what motivates you @patientworthy on twitter with #MondayMotivation or if Facebook is your thing do it there.

In case you need some help, we doubt you do, check out these 4 memes below that will amp you up this Monday and all week long!

Our greatest weapon - Patient Worthy Meme


The Motivation Manifesto - Patiient Worthy Meme


Man on top of mountain - Patient Worthy Meme

Power and authority - Patient Worthy Meme

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