5 Apps That You Need In Your Chronic Fight

Let’s face it, it’s not a secret that phones and tablets are taking over our lives!

Even the littlest among us are showing a shocking attachment to the glowing screens. So what should we do now?

Sometimes you just have to embrace it.

Yes, smartphones are changing the way we relate to one another, treat each other, and even find our news. Fortunately, the benefits of those pocket devices can completely alter the way the chronically ill can manage their lives for the greater good.

Here are 5 apps that anyone living with a chronic illness should download today!

1. Pill Reminder by Drugs.com

Life is already crazy for someone who doesn’t have to deal with regular doctor visits, constant body changes, and the other challenges of living with a chronic illness. For those that do live with one (or many), taking regular medication is just another task to tack on to the day. Pill Reminder is an app that at least helps calm the unrelenting storm.

2. Relax Melodies

Sometimes you just need the sounds of faux crashing waves and the sound of a flute to put you to sleep at the end of the day. Relax Melodies may be your ticket to dreamland, even for one night.

3. Daily Quote

In case you haven’t noticed, we love quotes here at Patient Worthy. So if you can’t get to our Facebook page or Meme Mondays, Daily Quote by Ultabit, LLC. is a great alternative. Every day it presents a new quote to keep you going.

4.Candy Crush

Yes, the little game can leave you daydreaming of chocolates and an awfully frightful voice repeating the word “tasty.” But if you need to waste some time in the doctor’s office or a long hospital stay, not many of apps have the addictive qualities of the one and only Candy Crush.


What would life be without Facebook? No selfies, your friends’ babies’ live photo album, and “political insights” Congress would be jealous of. With all jokes aside, Facebook has become a powerful tool in the rare community.

The ability to connect instantly with others who are going through the exact situations you face cannot be quantified in words. So, whether you are posting to an advocacy group, sharing tears with someone miles away, or finding the latest news from us; Facebook is one app we all need to help each support each other through challenging times.

What is the one app on your phone you don’t think you could live without? Share in the comments below.

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