Rare Disease Mom’s Inspirational Memes – Shelly

Every day we wake up, put on our shoes and meander through our daily activities. But for those living with a rare disease, meandering feels more like a daily fight for life and meaning.

According to the many patients we’ve spoken with about their rare diseases, two things have come up that start to form a pattern of attitudes when managing their rare disease:

  1. One must be accepting of their situation and form a plan of attack.

  2. In order to survive and improve ones quality of life, one must decide to be defiant and NOT accept the odds that are associated with your rare disease. 

Although some may consider those two approaches contradicting, they are anything but!

For those living with a rare disease, they have no other option but to fight to defy the odds and become wolves in a sea of sheep. If you’re looking for some inspiration, Shelly’s got the right message for you with this meme.


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