Syngap-1 First International Conference!

Congratulate this Mom- She knew something was wrong.

She went through 19 specialists in 4 years. She eventually got a diagnoses.  Her son, had Syngap1, a very rare, gene based, neurological problem, that can result in intellectual disability, speech problems, autism, and epilepsy.

So much needs  to be learned about this rare disorder. There are probably thousands of children who have been misdiagnosed, with one of its symptoms,- epilepsy or autism,  who actually have syngap-1.

Monica, used with permission

But Monica Weldon, a middle school science teacher, did not stop there. She helped found  Bridge  the Gap –Syngap Education and Research Foundation.

And now, for the first time, she is helping to put together an international conference on Syngap-1.

It will be held November 30-Dec 1st 2016 at Texas Children’s Hospital. There will be physicians, researchers, clinicians,  and representatives of the Autism and Epilepsy communities.

Want to learn more? Visit and check out the video below

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