Meme Monday Infographic – Sjögren’s and Mastocytosis

Sjögren’s Disease and Mastocytosis are two very different illnesses, but have one thing in common: they are VERY rare.

The infographic below provides information about what the disease is, prevalence numbers and other very telling information. As you’ll see, if there is more prevalence (instances of a doctor diagnosis a patient with said disease) then more attention will be paid to it, if there are less people suffering from the disease then less attention is put toward the disease. Does this seem like backward thinking to or is it just me?

I would have thought that pharmaceutical companies would jump at the chance to be first to cure a disease before it becomes more widely diagnosed. But I guess the “economics don’t work that way”



Video explaining what Sjogren’s Syndrome is (Left side video image)

Video explaining what Mastocytosis is (Right side video image)

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