Kristina’s Call to Others with Narcolepsy

When Patient Worthy met with Kristina to hear about her journey with narcolepsy she was happy to put her story out there for more reasons than one.

She was hopeful that her videos would help bring more awareness to the disease but she also hoped that it they would help her connect with others. As she says in the video below, no one who doesn’t have the disorder can truly understand what it’s like to live with it. There’s nothing quite like talking with someone who you know can relate on personal level.

“I think that somebody living with narcolepsy, it could really be beneficial to them, keeping in touch and knowing somebody else that has it because it’s hard dealing with something like narcolepsy and other diseases out there when nobody around you knows what it likes and if you knew somebody and kept in touch with somebody that has it , like you do, it’s just…it’s probably a lot easier to relate to them compared to your sister for example that doesn’t understand, they know exactly what you’re going through”- Kristina

We are just as hopeful as Kristina that we can help bring people together to share their experiences with rare disease. Often when common ground is found, strength is also.

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