When Nanoparticles Rule the World, Treatments Get Better


What the heck is a nanoparticle? It sounds very Twilight Zone-ish, and in some ways, nanoparticles are just that.

Source: www.giphy.com
Mysterious, nanoparticles are. And very, very tiny. Source: www.giphy.com

The thing is, nanoparticles are the movers and shakers of the biologic treatment world, and one new nanoparticle is about to (hopefully) make a big difference for people with hemophilia A and other rare diseases, like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

Recently, pharma company ZOETIC Pharmaceuticals, licensed a nanoparticle from the University at Buffalo. ZOETIC’s intention is to partner with a biotech company, which has products that could be improved by the addition of this particular nanoparticle.

In theory, the nanoparticle will help a patient better tolerate whatever biologic they are taking, thus improving outcomes.

And, while ZOETIC is looking for outside partnerships, they will continue to work with the University at Buffalo. It seems like a great pairing of commerce-meets-academia.

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