Do Not Make the Same Deadly Mistake this Celebrity Did

The thing about celebrities is that, because we place them on huge pedestals of perfection and idolization, we can’t imagine them living with any kind of “imperfection.”

We can’t help but feel shocked after discovering he or she suffers from some illness or malady. Venus Williams, for example, has Sjögren’s syndrome, a debilitating autoimmune disease. And yet, she has (obviously) found a way to manage it and live a full, active life. Still, it’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? The Great Venus Williams suffering from fatigue, dry mouth, and joint pain associated with her disease? That CAN’T be a thing.

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You guys remember Garry Shandling—the American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and director? He did lots of stuff. He also had really white teeth.

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Would you believe he had a rare disease known as hyperparathyroidism?

You’ve all heard of the thyroid—that pesky devil that everyone and their mother seems to have trouble with. But the parathyroid, you may not have heard of.

Well, we have four of them (in the neck), and they keep track of our calcium levels. Too much calcium, and that’s bad. Too little? Also bad. That’s where the parathyroid hormones come in.

Now, similar to hyperthyroidism, where the thyroid is OVER-active, when a person has hyperparathyroidism, their parathyroids work WAY harder than they should.

Doctors may make this assertion based on calcium levels in the blood. When calcium levels are high, the doctor might consider surgically removing the parathyroids before they throw the whole body into overdrive. It’s hard to believe, but too much calcium can be detrimental to your health—specifically to the kidneys and the heart.

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Heart attacks are common for people with untreated hyperparathyroidism, and as reported by the Atlantic, that is exactly what took Garry Shandling at the young age of 66.

It makes you wonder, Did he know he had hyperparathyroidism? If so, did he get his parathyroids removed? And if he didn’t, why the hell not?

Whatever the case, I’m going to add my voice to the Atlantic article by telling you take anything regarding your body seriously—no matter how small.

The parathyroid is literally the size of a grain of rice, and yet, it can cause havoc inside your body if not working properly. Don’t believe me? Click here to learn about the symptoms. Bone fragility, kidney stones, stomach pain, depression—none of that sounds fun.

Know your body. Take your health seriously. Get answers. Live fully. Simple as that.

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Lady Kehveen Abernathy

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