You’ll be Astonished at the Work this Organization is Doing

If you have sarcoidosis, you already know that it’s a disease that causes inflammation that in some cases, doesn’t go away.

The body’s immune cells clump together and form granulomas. These most commonly affect the lungs, but in some cases, can affect the

  • eyes
  • brain
  • heart

The majority of diagnosed cases resolve on their own, and no further treatment is needed. Fut for others, ongoing treatment is necessary to maintain a decent quality of life.

The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research has a great website geared towards awareness and support.

It is a non-profit organization (the largest) and offers a lot of resources not only for patients but physicians as well. There is a strong emphasis on social media as well as support groups/registries.

Very inspirational media there as well (both written and video) focused on those who have sarcoidosis.

Part of the Foundation’s mission is to help speed new medications through the pharma pipeline so that patients have access to them sooner. They are also intent on finding a cure.

Erica Zahn

Erica Zahn

Erica Zahn is passionate about raising awareness of rare diseases and disorders and helping people connect with the resources that may ease their journey. Erica has been a caregiver, and is a patient, herself, so she completely relates to the rare disease community--on a deeply personal level.

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