What is the Keystone to a Dystonia Diagnosis?

Have you been in search of a firm diagnosis for your health concerns? Are you wondering if “it” could be dystonia?

If so, you know that it’s a difficult journey saturated in emotionally-charged crossroads.

So, what do you do?

Fear Factor

Some people ignore real and true symptoms – dismiss the possibilities that there may be something seriously wrong with their health.

Others face their health concerns straight on, and for whatever reason, they can’t find answers to their health questions.

In either case, there is one true constant: FEAR.

fear dystonia
It’s easy to feel that fear of the unknown is going to overwhelm you. [Source: pixabay.com]
This fear can drive you mad. Inner thoughts run wild.

  • Is there something wrong?
  • What IS wrong?
  • If there is something wrong, how bad is it?
  • Is there a treatment? A cure?

Suddenly, life feels dangerous, unpredictable, and scary, and it’s so difficult to steer thinking away from the instability of the condition.

Brave Face

For other people, it can be harder to admit they are feeling afraid. They do their damnedest to put on brave face. But, it’s just that. A face. An act.

In their own quiet spaces, their stomach is still anxious or their muscles and jaw are sore and tight from tension.

They may feel uninterested in going out or doing things they used to do.

Something unexpected happened; they weren’t prepared for and couldn’t prevent from happening.

The ideal that the world is a safe place has taken a hit. Exhaustion. Unable to think straight. Can’t seem to snap out of it. Lost sense of self.

Truth Can Sting

The truth is that a confirmed diagnosis rattles the core.

The journey is individualized, but the keystone to every patient story is change and growth.

Dealing with change isn’t always easy. It can be uncomfortable, stressful or even scary at times. But the good news is, there are things that can be done to help cope – make life changes a little easier.

One is to educate yourself to your condition or disease.

If you have been diagnosed with dystonia, then learning more about your disease and treatment options will help you make informed decisions about your care. This dystonia fast facts sheet is a great place to start.

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