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Maybe you’ve seen Patient Worthy’s article about Spoon Theory, maybe you’ve sent the Spoon Theory to friends or relatives, maybe you started using the term “spoonie” before you even really knew how it originated. Regardless, the Spoon Theory has had a large impact on the chronically ill community as a whole.

The Spoon Theory has allowed people who are chronically ill to have a means to explain what it’s like to expect a certain level of pain and fatigue. It has been a unifying concept that has helped countless people explain some aspects of living with an illness.

The Spoon Theory is not only important because it helps spoonies explain things to non-spoonies, but because it is common ground for chronically ill people, regardless of what they are suffering from.

Whatever chronic illness you are living with, you can most likely relate to the Spoon Theory, and that means a whole lot of people who can relate to each other. There’s nothing like solidarity in any tough situation. The Spoon Theory has created community.

The creator of the Spoon Theory Christine Miserandino, has benefited so many by sharing her story. Recently, even more of her story is in the public eye as her illnesses worsen and medical bills mount.

Join Patient Worthy in supporting her during this difficult time. After all, the Spoonie community is all about support.

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